Florals 50’s Chintz



Heavily inspired by Dries Van Noten SS23 we love the fact this style has come back round. 

Designers have grabbed their vintage floral reference books, studied how this style of floral is different from your average everyday “chintz” and have taken great pride in honing in on this technique. 

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A bit about this collection

“ The third phase leading to crescendo came, inevitably by now, with the injection of floral patterns against the previously established color and structure. These patterns were drawn and then redrafted from past Van Noten collections and mashed sumptuously against each other. Florals for spring? Yes, but also groundbreaking for the highly cultivated tempo and intellectual timbre of their contextual delivery. More basically, you wanted to wear it, or shoot it, or buy it for someone to delight in. And because of that slow build of all that had preceded it, you could appreciate the composite elements beneath the dazzling pattern. So, to recap, what was that theme again, Dries? “Optimism,” he replied. “Because life can be really beautiful. You have the colors; you have the flowers…” So let’s smell them? “Absolutely!”

By Luke Leitch