Marni Trend

We immediately knew we needed to cover this trend and get the studio inspired by Marni’s quirky and playful spirit behind this collection.

The creativity behind these long gowns and baggy jeans, oted vibrant spherical shapes and shades reminiscent of the sky during the sun’s leisurely descent, all painted by London-based artist Flaminia Veronesi.Encouraging than inner artist within us to run free!

Time to step out the box and start experimenting! To let our designers splash the paint around, to be bold and expressive with colour and to let the brushmarks make the beauty. Letting our creativity run free!

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A bit about this collection

“For Spring/Summer 2023, Marni creative director Francesco Risso begged the question: Why wait for the sun to rise, shine, and set when you can be the sun at all times — a cooler, more stylish one at that? ” 

By Morgan Smith, High Snobiety
Oct, 2022